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Holding Plant

Seeds Of Healing Psychiatry, PLLC

Earl Nightingale quoted “Whatever we plant in our subconscious mind and nourish with repetition and emotion will one day become a reality”. 


The beginning of any healing process starts with the first thoughts we hold about what this path may look like.  My intention is to be a positive support in my patients’ lives as they work towards healing and rooting themselves firmly on a positive pathway of growth through healing and dealing with mental illness. Every life matters, and everyone deserves to be given the opportunities to lead the best life they can, with support and nurturing and without judgment.  
Let’s plant that first seed together so you may start your path to a stronger, more firmly rooted person, branching out and participating the way you want to in life.


Get to Know Me

Planting seeds of change one patient at a time.

My name is Irene A. Flynn-Lombardi, I graduated with a master's degree in nursing in December 2022 from Regis College.  I completed the Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner program, and all my clinical training hours were completed here in Connecticut.  My parents immigrated to the United States from Ireland and raised me to respect people from all walks of life, and this is a teaching and characteristic I hold close to my soul.  I believe everyone deserves the chance to live the best life they can to the best of their abilities.  My hope is to be of support to my patients as they strive for their best life.  


Collaborative Agreement

In the state of Connecticut, it is required I carry a collaborative agreement with a physician in the field of psychiatry for the first three years of practice.  This agreement is a legal contract between the nurse practitioner and the physician.  This professional relationship allows me to provide personalized care yet still have the guidance of a physician while building my practice.

 A psychiatrist will oversee the care I am providing and mentor me.

My Services

I provide 30-minute sessions for medication management for the treatment of mental health disorders. 

Initial Evaluation

Our first meeting will take approximately 60 minutes.  During this time, I will be listening to you and learning your life story.  I will also complete a comprehensive psychiatric evaluation, this allows me to have an informed discussion with you about your issues and what brings you here. Combining this information will help me identify your needs and outline possible treatment recommendations for you.

At your initial visit, I will need the following items: A photo ID and Completed New Patient Intake Forms.

Medication Management

During this initial visit, if it is determined that medication may help relieve your distress, various options may be discussed. My goals are to remain conservative and judicious in my use of medications. I am committed to educating you about your treatment options and addressing all your concerns regarding your mental health.  I want to ensure that all my patients understand the purpose and expected benefits of their medication, as well as potential risks.


Currently, I am not providing telehealth psychiatric visits.  This option will be available in the future for established patients.  I believe in-person visits are most beneficial, offering the greatest advantage of the valuable time we will share together.

Fees and Charges

Crises, Emergency Information AND Warm Lines

This is a private practice, THIS IS NOT A CRISIS CENTER.  If you are experiencing a medical or mental health emergency, please go to the nearest emergency room or call 911.


281 Hartford Tpke, Suite 106

Vernon, CT 06066


117 A Rt 66E

Columbia, CT 06237

(860) 218-9916

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